Sunrise Mandala Meditation

  “… how we treat and engage with phenomena is important; so early morning upon rising, connect mind to your breath, your physical body and to the elements. Go beyond the ordinary, wake up pure essence motivation and inspired by the sun, offer mandala without calculation …”

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon 

In this world bound by social conventions, how refreshing to be able to wake up and meaningfully connect and align with nature and all that it effortlessly gives. In this profound practice with all the blessings it contains, we open ourselves, tune into mind and body, receive and let go without calculation. Here as the sun rises, we have another opportunity to restore inner peace and wisdom and begin our day as a positive person mindfully walking on mother earth.

Every Friday morning each local Khachodling group joins together in a beautiful location to practice this Sunrise Mandala Meditation. Since the Covid pandemic we have also globally come together via live stream link on zoom. This continues regularly. For details check our events calendar. Note you will need to pre-register by writing to

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