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Travelling with depth, meaning and awareness is a favourite activity of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon. She has travelled in this way since childhood with her parents – an authentic spiritual yogi family of the high Himalayas. Such journeys are at the heart of her culture and tradition and this, she has a passion to share; revealing the inner attitude that turns a holiday into an inward journey of the heart!

Himalayan people have, for centuries, made sacred journeys, otherwise known as pilgrimage, in order to deepen meaning in their lives and open themselves to the powerful blessings of special spaces. When their lives are at a turning point or they are suffering with loss or stagnation they would always travel with a deeper purpose – to uncover something, to be inspired or re-inspired, to bring some change or to let go. Obstacles that arise within the journey are often seen as an opportunity to deepen their practice. Himalayan people knew that the more obstacles they faced, the better it was for purification, and in this case, purification means that more spacious attitudes are created in everyday life. Whatever the reason, or even if there is no known reason, ancient Himalayan people have a deep confidence that with pilgrimage, hidden mysteries can be revealed and new light shed on tired and worn circumstances. 

Since childhood, Khandro Thrinlay Chodon’s family vacations were pilgrimages to holy sites, often by foot or horse and sometimes they even prostrated all the way! Together they would make puja offerings, hoist prayer flags, offer butter lamps and meditate deeply at these sites, sending powerful energies to all beings. 

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon now focuses on leading pilgrimages as a spiritual practice. Having enjoyed the wisdom and adventure of this spiritual practice for many years, today she shares many stories and experiences she had with her Masters and parents on these journeys of fun and devotion. With her expertise and her family’s deep connections to the great places and practitioners of the Himalayan regions, she naturally became the cultural bridge between east and west.

On these uncommon journeys, we open-heartedly visit special holy sites where great Masters have meditated. As we do this, we leave behind our usual comforts and luxuries and joyfully surrender to the sacred process so that we can allow ourselves to feel the ever-present blessings that awaken deep spiritual insight.

It is a very special experience to go on pilgrimage with Khandro Thrinlay Chodon. Lives have been transformed and deep spiritual insights awakened. At the very least it is a fun and adventurous journey!

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