Why Support

When you connect to Khachodling you are leaving a positive imprint on yourself and the earth. It may be that you have brought more awareness into your life, helped a Himalayan child receive education, re-activated ancient Himalayan cultural traditions or been reminded to be kind to a stranger.

You are supporting the preservation of authentic Himalayan culture and its yogic meditation tradition, as well as the development of wisdom and the generation of compassion across the globe.

Attune to a Vast Vision

Khachodling provides opportunity for you to join your intention and action to the deep truths of life. To create positive imprints for ourselves, each other and the planet, as we flow with life’s inevitable and unending flux. You may choose to support a project every now and then, or join more regularly with a community that seeks to honestly nourish mindfulness and awareness while generating compassionate action in a field of respect, simplicity and authenticity. As Guru Rinpoche said, “A view as vast as the sky and action as refined as barley flour.”

Re-activate a Valuable Ancient Culture

This high altitude remote region, known for holding an ancient culture and spiritual heritage steeped in wisdom and compassion and valued by so many across the globe, is fast disappearing. Himalayan people, their land and culture, have been adversely affected by modernisation and climate change. Young people are forced to move to the plains for education and employment, thereby losing touch with their language and culture. The elderly are left at home to barely cope. Services are scarce and expensive because of remoteness, changing climate affects transport, architecture and land use. Uncapped tourism changes the socio-economic fabric and there are many socio-political disruptions due to being an important border region. Khachodling actively works to support, preserve and maintain valuable ancient traditions and assist those who suffer from a lack of access to essential services. By supporting Khachodling you will be joining a needed movement to focus on the preservation of a valuable ancient culture that benefits not only the local Himalayas but also the world.

A trusted local Organisation

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is born into a respected, centuries old, spiritual family lineage of the Himalayan region. This puts her and her organisation in a unique position of trust and understanding with deep insights and connections to local Himalayan communities. Due to Khandro-la’s long revered association with these areas Khachodling is in a unique position to be able to provide respected and relevant services.

Khachodling is a registered Charitable Trust in India with a small office in New Delhi. It has branches throughout the Himalayas and is respected by local, state and regional governments. Khachodling is authorised by the Indian Government to receive foreign funds (FCR approval) and is annually audited.

Direct, Impactful Projects supported by an international network.

Our focus is on local, small scale impactful projects. To put its vision into action, Khachodling is supported by network of local, national and international contacts and volunteers working together across the globe – in India, Hong Kong, Australia and beyond.

The unfolding of this and each project, depends not only on the offering of skills, actions and finance; it equally depends on the pure intention of those involved.

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

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