Himalayan Projects

Khachodling’s Himalayan Culture and Education Fund (HCEF) supports these activities

Creating a balanced future while preserving an ancient past.

Since 2004 Khachodling Trust India, has, under the careful guidance of founder Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, provided support and services to beloved remote Himalayan communities. Khachodling’s Himalayan Culture and Education Fund is a global, dedicated team of volunteers whom raise funds to directly assist Himalayan families and communities who are being adversely impacted by climate change and modernisation.

Every Khachodling activity is underpinned by Khandro Thrinlay Chodon’s altruistic intention to reveal the ancient wisdom of her Himalayan culture, so we may each begin to live with a deeper awareness, connection and meaning.

Ongoing Himalayan Activities:

Education for children

Mentoring and educating children and young adults in their heritage. Financial support towards a modern education is given to the needy.

Sustainable building

Community building projects that respond to the impact of climate change. Use of and training in sustainability to hermitages and locals.

Spiritual hermitages​
Himalayan Hermitages​

Training and supplies to Khachodling and other remote hermitages or individuals whom, as practitioners of Shakya Shri live simple meaningful lives.

Medical Services
Medical Services

Traditional medicine clinic in Ladakh, nomad eye clinics, and medical care and surgery fees for people in urgent need.

Culture and Traditions
Culture and Traditions

Strengthening communities through the preservation of their ancient Himalayan culture, traditions and events.

Empowering Women
Empowering Women

Supporting and empowering women to become leaders through action in their local communities.

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Special Himalayan Projects:

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Support & giving is not a one-way act. Rather it is a reciprocal relationship.

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

Thank you for your generosity in supporting these humanitarian projects.

The Khachodling Himalayan Education and Culture Fund is a humanitarian project founded by Khandro Thrinlay Chodon.

Donations $2 or more to Khachodling’s Himalayan Culture and Education Fund are tax deductible in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and India. Via this website HECF funds are processed only through Australia at this time. The linked account is to Khachodling Limited – an Australian registered Charity with PBI /tax deductibility. Should you wish to offer directly to HCEF via an Indian, USA or Hong Kong bank account to obtain a tax deductible receipt for that country please contact accounts@khachodling.org for details.

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