Our Mission:

Inspire wisdom and generate compassion

Perspective changes everything. Inspiring wisdom and generating compassion is our compass and ethics in this new millennium. We have each benefitted from opening our hearts and minds. Khachodling actively aims to live in the practice of inspiring wisdom and generating compassion, so that our lives become meaningful and we leave positive imprints on each other and our planet.

Activities include: talks, workshops, teachings, practices and choegas (pujas) as well as pilgrimages, consultations, Himalayan hermitages and projects.

Promote authentic Himalayan Culture and Education

This rich culture is home to authentic, ancient spiritual traditions and a life of sustainability. Our team has been born in the high Himalayas or journeyed there due to an inner search. Together we aim to preserve ancient spiritual values and traditions as well support its sustainable lifestyle in the modern era. In doing so, we aim to enrich modern human values, help preserve an important environmental region of our planet as well as supporting its ancient life and culture to the benefit of all across the globe. In supporting others’ positive values we also support our own.

Activities include: Himalayan Hermitages and Projects and the Himalayan Culture and Education Fund which supports these, the Sacred Treasures shop as well as Uncommon Journeys/Pilgrimages to the Himalayan regions.

Preserve the yogic lineage

The foundation of Khachodling’s training in wisdom and compassion is the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, in particular the yogic lineage of Togden Shakya Shri. Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, our founder, is a pure lineage holder of this tradition so Khachodling facilitates teachings and practices for those undergoing training in this yogic path.

Activities include: Khachodling runs its own Himalayan Hermitages and supports other Shakya Shri related hermitages as well as many old nuns/yogis and lineage practitioners especially in remote areas. Humanitarian assistance is offered as well as the sponsoring of choegas held by authentic practitioners. Teachings, translating texts, and practice within sanghas around the globe.

Bring the sacred into everyday

In Tibet they carve mantras of compassion into rock so all may be reminded to live kindly. In India, you see altars by the side of the road or inside a tree trunk. Our lives become increasingly mindful when we surround ourselves with things that point us beyond our limited everyday vision. We aim to increase opportunities in education, travel, products and in general daily life that inspire us to bring the sacred into everyday life.

Activities include: Inspirational talks and workshops, social media posts, teachings and practices, opportunity to connect to special ceremonies such as Life Release, purification of Obstacles Choegas (pujas), sunrise mandala and full moon meditation practices as well as the shop Sacred Treasures.

Leave positive imprints

We develop and promote workshops, education, training, projects and travel that aligns with these passions. Thus around the globe, we study, train and practice, we facilitate workshops and inspirational talks, we engage in projects and fundraising for projects in the Himalayas and beyond, we coordinate sacred travel, and we promote products that bring the sacred into everyday life through our Sacred Treasures online shop.

All the activities and projects of Khachodling, East and West, provide an avenue for engaging in this world to collectively and individually leave positive imprints.

Our Founder:

Our inspiration and guide is Khandro Thrinlay Chodon – a modern Himalayan woman of wisdom and insight, an authentic female Buddhist Teacher, a living example of compassion in action. Khandro-la was born into an authentic spiritual family, that for generations have purely maintained their Vajrayana Buddhist lineage and practice.

Our Team:

Khachodling is a community that works together to bring our mission to life. We are a team of devoted people, some Himalayan, and others who through their own inner journey have become supporters of Himalayan sacred and cultural traditions.

Our Organisation:

Whilst community life, projects and hermitages of Khachodling have existed for centuries in the Himalayas, it was in 2004 that Khandro Thrinlay Chodon formally established Khachodling Trust in India. In 2009 it was also established in Australia and in 2014 it was formally established as Shakya Shri Dakini Foundation in Hong Kong. Each organisation has a similar mission, yet the structure is unique to its host country. Various links also exist in other parts of the globe, such as in the the USA, Europe and Asia.

Our Four Pillars

1. Sacred Wisdom

1. Sacred Wisdom

Inspiring wisdom and generating compassion is a cornerstone to all Khachodling actions. Without this there is no point to what we do. We promote these ancient wisdoms in modern life and some of us train more specifically in the Vajrayana method of Buddhism. Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is a devotee of dharma, woman of wisdom, lay Meditation Master, humanitarian, sacred lineage holder and female yogini, who constantly inspires on the path of wisdom and compassion.

2. Sacred Travel

2. Sacred Travel

Inward Journeys of the heart are a speciality of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon. Since childhood, her family vacations were pilgrimages to holy sites and the inner meaning that they bring to any journey is what inspires our sacred travel. We partner with Druk Expeditions, India and other agencies to offer unique and meaningful uncommon journeys to sacred places.

153. Sacred Culture

3. Sacred Culture

Khachodling supports sustainable Himalayan community projects and the preservation of ancient cultural traditions in the Himalayas through its Himalayan Culture and Education Fund. All proceeds in the HCEF are sent to the FCR approved (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act), India Khachodling Trust, for projects in the Himalayas.

4. Sacred Treasures

4. Sacred Treasures

Our Sacred Treasures online store supports artisans who are still creating and using techniques taught for many generations. It offers these amazing goods to help preserve the ancient Himalayan culture and community. The Himalayan Culture and Education Fund (HCEF) is the social responsibility arm of Sacred Treasures.

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