Study Groups

Khandro Rinpoche has deepened her students understanding and practice in recent years by offering teachings on particular topics.

Pre-registration is required for each teaching series and offerings are made via an online link.

A commitment to attend the particular teaching series, as well as do the reading, personal reflection and attend your local study group, if directed, is required. Local study group coordinators are listed below and you may call or email them to discuss your attendance in these groups.

Each of the teaching series that have been held to date is listed below. Once you join the latest you will be permitted access to the previous transcripts and recordings. Should you wish to join please send email to

2023 continuing into 2024

Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones

Accepting her students’ fervent requests, Khandro Rinpoche on Chokkor Duchen 2023, began a teachings series, to further deepen our understanding. The focus is the interplay between anicha, dukkha, & anatta (impermanence, suffering and non-self) and the practice of Chenrezig.

To enlighten us further on this subject Khandro Rinpoche has been imparting, by increments, the lung and teachings held within The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones. Herein, His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse provides heart-piercing commentary on the essence of Great Compassion, unsurpassingly expounded in the precious root text, A Discourse Virtuous in the Beginning, Middle and End  by the luminous realised beggar Patrul Rinpoche,

You must pre-register to request to join the teachings. If permitted then you will receive by email, the unique zoom links for each teaching and make your offering via an online link.

Teachings are generally fortnightly, though they do depend on Rinpoche’s schedule, so times will vary. This series will be longer than any of the previous, so an ongoing commitment is required to slowly and thoroughly move through the text with Khandro Rinpoche. In this series there are no local study group gatherings, however group discussions and sharing are occasionally held online.


Bodhichitta: the Heart of Enlightenment 

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon continued the same study group teaching format and local study groups reflection sessions as in the 2020 Karma teaching series. The first study group teaching commenced with a review of last year’s topic “Karma and Interdependence” in the form of a ‘Q&A’ session led by the renowned Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Subsequently Khandro Thrinlay Chodon taught on “Bodhichitta: the Heart of Enlightenment.” All transcripts may be found once you are a member on the study group resources member page.


Karma and Interdependence

During 2020, Khandro Thrinlay Chodon taught on “Karma and Interdependence” in a series of online sessions. These profound teachings were transcribed after each session and made available for contemplation along with a few carefully constructed questions for personal reflection. Every participant then joined a local study group on the alternate week. You may find the full transcript available in one book on the study group resources member page.

Global Online Teachings

Most Often these are Fortnightly | Global online via Zoom 

Pre registration is required via

After approved registration notices are sent by email from

The link for offering for each teaching is via online

Local Study Group Coordinators (and times when sessions are likely to be held)

Sydney | Saturdays 1.30 pm local time
Jen Fox ‭+61 400 865 118‬

Hervey Bay | Sundays 8 am local time
Jane Miknius and Rebecca Plascott +61 7 43254438

Perth/HK/India/Nepal/Bhutan | Mondays 6 pm local time 
Neeraj Arora. +91 8527223337

Hobart | Wednesdays 6 pm local time
Stuart Lord. ‭ +61 488 487 526‬

India (Hindi Manali) | Sundays 10.30 am local time
Neeraj Arora +91 8527223337

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