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Karma and Interdependence

During 2020, Khandro Thrinlay Chodon taught on “Karma and Interdependence” in a series of online sessions. These profound teachings were transcribed after each session and made available for contemplation along with a few carefully constructed questions for personal reflection. Every participant then joined a local study group on the alternate week.


Bodhichitta: the Heart of Enlightenment 
Saturday, 5th June & then fortnightly until 14th August

This year, Khandro Thrinlay Chodon continues this study group teaching format and local study groups reflection sessions. The first study group teaching commences on June 5th with a review of last year’s topic “Karma and Interdependence” in the form of a ‘Q&A’ session led by the renowned Tsoknyi Rinpoche. Subsequently Khandro Thrinlay Chodon will teach on “Bodhichitta: the Heart of Enlightenment.” You may also find that guest teachers will spontaneously appear.

Teachings are fortnightly, alternating with weeks in which students will join a local study group. During these study group sessions, which can be attended in person or via Zoom, students will share their written personal review & reflection on their application of the previous teaching.

You must pre-register to request to join the teachings. A commitment to attend the teaching series, as well as do the reading, personal reflection and attend your local study group is required.

This is a weekly commitment for 6 weeks – commencing June 5th and completing the last weeks of August 2021.

Global Online Teachings

Fortnightly | Global online via Zoom 
5 & 19th of June; 3, 17 & 31 July; & 14 August
5 pm (AWST/HKT), 7 pm (AEST), 2.30 pm (IST), 10 am (London)

Local Study Groups

Sydney | Saturdays 1.30 pm local time
12 & 26 of June; 10, 24 July, 7 & 21 August
11.30 am (AWST/HKT), 1.30 pm (AEST), 9 am (IST), 4.30 am (London)

Hervey Bay | Sundays 8 am local time
13 & 27 of June; 11, 25 July, 8 & 22 August
6 am (AWST/HKT), 8 am (AEST), 3.30 am (IST), 11 pm (London -1 day)

Perth/HK/India/Nepal/Bhutan | Mondays 6 pm local time 
14 & 28 June; 12, 26 July, 9 & 23 August
6 pm (AWST/HKT), 3.30 pm (IST), 4pm (BT) 3.45pm (NT)

Hobart | Wednesdays 6 pm local time
16 & 30 June; 14 & 28 July; 11 & 25th August
4 pm (AWST/HKT), 6 pm (AEST), 1.30 pm (IST), 9 am (London)

India (Hindi Manali) | Sundays 10.30 am local time
13 & 27 of June; 11, 25 July, 8 & 22 August
10.30 am (IST) 11am (BT) 10.45am (NT)

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