Life Release

“We choose Dakini Day to perform Life Release to help activate feminine wisdom, gentleness and nourishment: to soften aggressiveness and anxiety so present in the world at this time.  Feminine qualities lie inside every being – not only in women, they also lie in men : together let us re-activate flow, nourishment and freedom.”

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

Many great Buddhist Masters, including our precious Emi-la, encourage this profoundly skilful means for prolonging life and improving health, removing obstacles and negative karma for individuals, families and ancestors.

Every month on Dakini Day Khachodling’s Hong Kong sangha join together at North Point pier (West) to practice this Life Release Choega (puja) often personally led by Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, who has a melodious chanting voice. Since the worldwide pandemic we have also globally come together via live stream link on zoom. This continues monthly. For details check our events calendar. Note you will need to pre-register by writing to or

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