Candlelight and Flower Mandala

Minute by minute, day by day, we create and dissolve mandalas of the mind. Our job is to gently witness the rise and fall of these illusory mandalas without clinging or aversion, staying open hearted and present with all that unfolds.

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon

This concise healing practice involves preparing a beautiful mandala of candles and flowers. Participants are invited to invoke the deceased and those whom are going through difficulties, with the intent that all sufferings, pain, guilt and regrets transform into wisdom and compassion.

The ceremony allows participants to deepen and engage in a transformative process using a specially condensed practice that Emi Drupten and Khandro Thrinlay Chodon extracted from the “Shitro” (terma of Terton Jatson Nyingpo) – a 49-day purification ceremony that is held in the Himalayas when people are having obstacles or pass away. 

Flowing from the heart of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, this unique signature ceremony embodies her elegant feminine touch and the power of divine feminine wisdom. Filled with deep meaning in every aspect, the arranged flowers beautifully emanate the natural colours of the mandala of the five wisdoms whilst light illuminates the darkness of ignorance.

If you or someone you know would like to have this practice conducted for them specifically, this can be arranged. Names submitted in the shorter Candlelight and Flower Mandala ceremony are always sent onto the Shakya Shri yogis whom then include these people in the next traditional 49 day Shitro ceremony performed by Khachodling’s Himalayan Team.

Khachodling Dakini Sanctuary in Hervey Bay Queensland, Australia conducts the Candlelight and Flower Choega bi-monthly on Medicine Buddha Day on behalf of Khachodling’s global sangha, under instruction of Khandro Thrinlay Chodon. In addition this choega is performed on request. Often the Flower and Candlelight Choegas are live streamed. For details and requests check our events calendar and/or write to

  • Rinpoche and Candlelight Mandala

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