Tribute to
Divine Feminine

For many years now Khandro Thrinlay Chodon has been meditating on Khachodling’s tribute to the divine feminine essence, a place where a consecrated statue of her heart deity Vajrayogini resides. 

Recently she has clarified that this special temple will be erected at her home, Drukpa Zimkhang, the residence of her late husband, His Holiness Ngawang Jigme, the 9th Shabdrung and herself. 

At the instruction of Khandro Rinpoche Khachodling has recently commissioned a special statue of Vajrayogini to be hand carved from a unique wood by a Bhutanese Master craftsman. This traditional artwork is rarely seen in these modern times. Vajrayogini is to be painted naturally and sustainably, filled and consecrated purely and blessed by great Vajrayana Masters. Within the dedicated shrine room of her final destination she will be flanked by the impeccable Vajrayana Masters, Shabdrung and Togden Shakya Shri. They will also be hand carved in special wood in the ancient traditional manner. 

We are so excited that with your support we will bring her and Khachodling’s long term heart vision into manifestation. By offering to this project you are supporting the manifestation of the divine feminine essence in this day and age.

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