COVID India Relief

Supplies are needed.

Khachodling, a registered, local, trusted organisation in India, continues to serve the needy in the Himalayan regions during this coronavirus pandemic. The cronavirus crisis has thrown up many challenges to us and the communities we serve. Families have been separated, people stranded far from the support of home and the need for medical supplies and food has become urgent.

Food and medical supplies are critical and more costly than usual to get to these remote areas. We are also needing to support not only our own communities but also people who have been left stranded without work in these communities. These people often live in sub-standard dwellings and barely survive with their families whom have travelled with them to these areas for work.

How Khachodling supports

Some members of the Khachodling family are working on the front line providing medical care, while others are working to provide other practical support to those in need. We are doing this among our communities of Manali, Lahoul, Ladakh, Zanskar and Kalimpong. That practical support is specifically food and medicine to families and monastic communities in need.

Meanwhile Khachodling’s women’s groups, especially in Manali, have been fervently working to make masks – these are being freely given to needy people like stranded sweepers and labourers who cannot buy.

You can join us

We are seeking to raise funds quickly to help tackle these challenges by continuing to make and distribute masks, by providing food and medical supplies directly to families and communities in need, as well as other logistical support.

Practicing generosity in this way not only accumulates merit but will help us provide practical support to people in need. Giving, even a little can go a long way.

Please help to spread the word by sharing this campaign with others.

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