Tushar Suryanvanshi


Birthday: 1 July 2001
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2014
Father: Desh Raj
Mother: Parvati
Lives: Hillutwan P.O Sidheri, Pangi Tehsil: Kilhar. Distt: Chamba (H.P.)
School: Holy Angel School Shamshi
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

I would like to be an Engineer and help my village and my community.

Tushar’s family belongs to the remote area of Pangi. The people of Pangi are great devotees of Khandro Rinpoche’s lineage. Khandro la’s father, Apho Rinpoche, spent many years teaching dharma in this area. The village has no road access and they have to walk many hours on foot to reach other places. 
In 1997 there was a huge flood that destroyed much land and the villagers had to vacate their homes, their crops, their livelihood. Their source of income and sustainability was endangered. Many left the village and came to Manali to support their home and family. 
Tushar’s father Deshu worked very hard and did many things for his family like laundry, carpentry, labour and all sorts of work. Now he works as a Taxi Driver. Tushar’s mother Parvati is a local lady and very devoted to Buddhism. Deshu and Parvati’s source of income is very unstable and can barely keep up with their expenditures.

My parents always love to come to the monastery and help with cooking to driving to cleaning. They’re always supporting any communal work. 

In the past year my fathers’ work is in difficulty. Taxi’s are being taken over by big companies and the government is making many rules to modernise Manali as tourist area. This is making local’s jobless without many opportunities. 

At boarding school I learn English, Maths, Hindi, Social Science and Science. In Science we are learning about reproductive system and hormones. But my favourite subject is Mathematics. 

After the school day ends, I change, I eat my dinner and play for an hour. I do my homework and do little meditation and go to bed at 9pm. 

I would like to be an Engineer and help my village and my community. 

I go to boarding school and cannot attend the Sunday Dharma class. My parents really appreciate this class and wish to attend themselves and will bring my little sister whenever they can. They rejoice in having such a spiritual home for the Himalayan Children. 

My question for an Australian person:“Why are you so good in cricket?

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