Birthday: 15th May, 2008
Commenced with Khachodling: September, 2015
Father: Jeet Ram Mother: Rajni Kanta
Lives: Village Shuru, P.O Prini. Distt: Kullu, Manali (H.P.)
School: Monal Himalayan Public School
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

Pratibha and her mother are in an extremely difficult situation. 

Pratibha’s father had a brain haemorrhage, he has brain disfunction and has been totally bed-ridden for two years. Her mother is jobless with very limited opportunity for income. They are a local Himalayan Indian family and are in an extremely poor and helpless situation.

Khachodling is very happy to support this family and this support goes beyond religion and caste. This family are completely new to Khachodling. Pratibha was found in the local school seeking help. The school says Pratibha is very good in her studies and is a bright child. At school she is learning English, Maths, Hindi, Social Science and Science.

We look forward to learning more about Pratibha as time goes on. She and her Mother both enjoy the Sunday dharma class are so very grateful for the support from Khachodling.

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