Flowing with the Divine Feminine

From the February 2019 issue of Indian Beauty Magazine “LAUNCHPAD”

A spiritual master, mystic and Vajrayana Buddhist, Khandro Thrinlay Chodon, called Khandro Rinpoche by her students, is all and none of these – embodying love and compassion in all that she does. Khandro Rinpoche belongs to a lineage of authentic meditation masters and this includes her great grandfather Togden Shakya Shri and father Apho Rinpoche and her mother, Sangyum Orgyen Chodon. After losing her parents at an early age, Khandro Rinpoche undertook rigorous practice with her guru, Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche amongst others, and later also gained a Masters of Psychology in the United States. Khandro Rinpoche married the ninth Shabdrung, Ngawang Jigme. Khandro Rinpoche served her husband until his Parinirvana in 2003. In 2005 Khandro Rinpoche accepted an invitation from a great Vajrayana Buddhist Master to teach in Australia. Since then Khandro Rinpoche has been inspiring her students in Australia and other parts of Asia to flow with the Divine Feminine within each of us.

Insights 2018-19

Ayurveda and Buddhism have co-existed since the time of the Gautama Buddha and there are many references to Ayurveda in Buddhist texts. At a recent retreat in Kerala, which marked the end of a 9 month teaching tour of Australia, we had the wonderful opportunity to heal not just our bodies with traditional Ayurvedic treatments and yoga, but also to spend time with Khandro Rinpoche to receive direct teachings and discuss key issues in this degenerate age such as the karmic influences of our family histories, colonisation of Australia and the effect on the earth and living sustainably.

Malcolm, an Australian scientist, found the treatments beneficial. He was moved by the caring professionalism of all of the staff that were part of his treatment from the masseuses and yoga teachers to the kitchen staff who prepared individually prescribed meals from the doctors.

Helen, who has been a student of Khandro Rinpoche’s for many years, said that she is inspired by Khandro Rinpoche’s steadfast approach to her students. She feels personally held in her Buddhist practice and inspired to do more. She said “it’s about accepting this is where you’re at and little by little going forward. I feel very privileged”.

Yasmin, who has completed three years in retreat in Australia and is one of Khandro Rinpoche’s first students, said she is inspired by Khandro Rinpoche’s compassion, generosity and caring. “I have never received so much from any lama or teacher”. The feminine magnanimity creates that personalised space for each person who signs himself or herself with Khandro La.

Ann, a teacher from Sydney, finds Khandro Rinpoche’s instructions very clear, flowing and open “Rinpoche’s extraordinary care and compassion are a teaching in themselves”.


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