Events in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an active hub of Khachodling and its Shakya Shri Dakini Foundation activities. Our major focus is to hold the practice of Life Release for Khachodling’s worldwide sangha on every Dakini Day.

This practice is often shared via zoom link. Contact for details.

About Life Release

Saving lives is one of the most important and profound practices of compassion in action. It results in increased wealth, longevity, health and great wisdom. Amongst all good deeds, life release is regarded as most sublime. Nagajuna said, “killing is the worst of actions whilst life release is the best of virtue”. 

“We choose Dakini Day to perform Life Release as it helps to activate feminine wisdom, gentleness and nourishment. It helps to soften anger, aggressiveness and anxiety that we all face so much in this everyday world.  Feminine qualities lie inside every being – let us activate this flow and freedom with joy and love.”  Khandro Rinpoche  

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