Sonam Chhering

Birthday: 12th June 1995
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2016
Father: Sunam Uttav
Mother: Dolkar
Lives: Sural, Bhatori, P.O Tai Distt. Chamba (H.P.)
Qualification: Bachelor of Hotel Management (4 years / completed)

“I am Sonam. Thank you for helping our Rinpoche support the children’s project.”

Sonam Chhering is a new student to Khachodling. He finishes high school this year and would like to pursue higher studies in New Delhi. He is interested Hotel Management and Tourism.

Sonam and his Father.

Sonam’s Father was a monk in Apho Rinpoche’s monastery (Khandro Rinpoche’s father). Now he is a married Lama and has four children to provide for. He has very little income and can barely keep up the family. Sonam’s mother is a house wife and has to run the family single handed. They work in the field – their yearly income will only be $400. Therefore, because of this low income, for the last seven years Sonam has been in boarding school supported by Sey Jampal’s team (Khandro Rinpoche’s brother). Sonam is an excellent student and deserves to pursue his studies. Khachodling would like to support Sonam to be an independent and self-sufficient young man who can support his family and his village.

Sonam likes to garden and grow vegetables and loves working with house construction. He is an excellent cook. He loves cricket and basketball.

The family is gradually improving in their financial situation but as the parents are getting older it is not going to be easy. Therefore, Sonam needs to receive further education and skills development for better prospects to establish a stable job to support the family.

Sonam currently stays at Jampal’s home and goes to school daily. As he is in higher education, homework and school work is very demanding, therefore he cannot attend the Sunday dharma classes. However, he receives spiritual instruction from Jampal, also serves Emi-la and learns ethical values from the stable family in which he is living.

Sonam feels Sunday dharma class is very important for young kids who have no understanding of dharma and appreciates this great opportunity is provided for them.

Sonam’s parents are very grateful about Sunday dharma class and the continued vital assistance from Khachodling and its supporters.

“I am Sonam. Thank you for helping our Rinpoche support the children’s project. My Dad and family are grateful for this opportunity. I will study hard and keep the name of dharma in our village”

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