Ngawang Tsedub

Birthday: 14th April 1995
Commenced with Khachodling: 2010
Father: Lives in the Pangi region.
Mother: Lives in the Pangi region.
Lives: University Student accommodation, Varanasi
School: Centrel University Of Tibetan Studies Varanasi

“Nobody helped or accepted me… it was only Khandro Rinpoche who helped me.”

My mum and dad are farmers. They live in a small remote village in the Indian Himalayas called Pangi. Very few westerners have ever visited this area. The whole community is very poor and so is my family. This is why they can’t afford my school fees, clothing or housing fees. 

We have five members in our family. In my family nobody is educated. I really want to study and be educated and be a good monk. Then after my graduation I want to serve Khandro Rinpoche to the very best of my ability. 

Ngawang studying, 2016

Many years ago, when I was about 15 years of age, my father brought me to Manali to become a monk. I was not happy at my local schooling, it was not a good quality school. 

My teachers told me I was not good at school. Also I had a terrible skin condition – many warts all over my body, especially on my hands. Because of this, people shunned me and teased me. So my father, whom had served Apho Rinpoche, took me to Manali to serve – however nobody helped or accepted me at that time. It was only Khandro Rinpoche who helped me – she allowed me to stay on her beautiful residence Drukpa Gompa. She taught me, cared for me and gave me medical attention so that my warts became completely cured. 

I am now studying in Varanasi but I am always doing my best to repay the kindness of my guru Khandro Rinpoche and in my life I always pray to serve her and her work. 

I want to study Buddhist Philosophy and other languages and eventually teach others what I have learnt. 

Buddhism is a beautiful path which can bring us inner peace and show us how to control our body, speech and mind to bring ultimate happiness to ourselves and to others.

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