Birthday: 25th March 2007
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2010
Father: Ranjeet Kumar
Mother: Tenzin Yangdol
Lives: Village and P.O Tingret Tehsil, Udiapur. Distt. Lahoul Spiti (H.P.)
School: Himalayan Buddhist Culture and Association

Karan is quite neglected and needs lots of care and attention.

Karan’s mother works as a labourer now. Previously she worked as a maid in the Himalayan School where her son is studying, but she became very ill and had to leave her job. Karan’s father’s work is seasonal and limited. The family is very poor and recently both parents are trying to create a small business. Karan is now in boarding school near Manali. He is quite neglected and needs lots of care and attention.

In the last five years there is very little improvement in the families financial situation, but they are working hard and hope things with their business might change.

Since, Karan is in boarding school he is unable to join the Sunday Dharma Class. However the school that he attends is a Buddhist School and children are taught dharma and spiritual values in school. The Khachodling team plans to bring him to the Bhutan House during his school vacations.

Karan’s parents are very appreciative about Sunday dharma class and often come themselves to pay homage to the Gompa.

At this school Karan studies English, Hindi, Math, Tibetan, General Knowledge, Moral values, Social study and Science. His favourite subjects are English and Tibetan. Karan likes to play, sing and dance.

My class finishes at 3pm. I change my school uniform and play for two hours. I like playing Kho-Kho and Kabadhi (these are Himalayan games). We have a class for home work in boarding school. We do prayers to Tara then sleep at 9pm. 

When I grow up I wish to be an Engineer or maybe a Lama. 

My question for an Australian person: “I want to know if you have Tsampa or Roasted Barley flour in Australia?”

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