Birthday: 13th September 2002
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2010
Father: Dev Raj
Mother: Tsering Dolma
Lives: Dekiling Tibetan colony P.O.Manali. Distt: Kullu, Manali (H.P.)
School: Anila Mahajan Sarswati Vidya Mandir
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

I like playing volley ball and spending time with my parents and family.

Vishal’s parents have no steady income, work is not regularly available and wages are low ($5/day) for physically demanding work like labour or seasonal trekking. They relocated to Manali from a remote Himalayan area called Padar to try to find jobs and stability for their family. They live in a very small rented space, which does not provide them any long term security.
My parents like to do prayers and help in the Gompa. I like playing volley ball and spending time with my parents and family. I like coming to Bhutan Gompa and spending time with Khandro Rinpoche and the nuns. 

My parents are very grateful for Sunday dharma class. They feel that this class has given them a sense of belonging and connected them to their dharma roots. They are happy to see children learn ancient chanting because such direct and intimate teachings are not given in ordinary schools. This is very generous of the Khachodling family and supporters. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. 

What I like about Sunday dharma class is I love having space with a garden, learning my own Buddhist language and writing scripture in such a spiritual environment. It is very healing for me. 

My favourite subject is Computer Science. I love modern gadgets and technology.

After school I come home, change my school uniform and rest with my family. After rest I do my school home work. I love to help my mother wash clothes and dishes. I also do some prayers with my family before I go to bed. 

When I am older I wish to be an Army Officer and help my India. This is the country in which our Buddha and great beings were born. 

My question for an Australian person:I love the Australian cricket team. How can come to this beautiful country? Our Khandro Rinpoche showed us some pictures and it looks beautiful. Sydney bridge looks very strong.

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