Ronika Thakur


Birthday: 8th February 2010
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2015
Father: Puran Chand
Mother: Radha Devi
Lives: Mathiyana. P.O Vashist Manali Distt. Kullu (H.P.)
School: D.A.V Public School
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

Ronika is very intelligent and good in her studies.

My family are local Manali Indian villagers from the ‘Valley of Gods’. We have been supported by Khachodling for the last year. My parents are very touched by the impartial support from Khandro Rinpoche because our faith is not Buddhist but she sees that we deserve support due to poverty. We have elders in our family to take care of, my mother is only a house wife and my father works with trekking in the Himalayas and his income is never stable. I have one sibling and know many families are in a similar situation. 

We have only a little land in our joint family. Thank goodness, we are able to grow vegetables on our land. These days the cost of food is becoming very high in India and it effects poor families like us, who cannot afford to buy much food from stores.

Ronika’s mother is village educated and helps a lot with community service and volunteer work for the people in her village. Ronika’s father is very kind. When he returns from trekking, he is always helping elders and the community too. He is a very good cook.

Ronika’s mother says: We are so touched by Sunday School because Khandro Rinpoche has kindly opened her private home for poor people like us. Just to be in this beautiful garden is a blessing and on top of that the Khachodling team offer us food, love and care. Because our home is a long distance from Bhutan Gompa, we can not attend every week, but we will try to come as often as we can. We are a spiritual family and teach Ronika values and spirituality at home also.

Ronika is very intelligent and good in her studies – she skipped nursery and kindergarten and is now directly in first class! Her favourite subject is drawing.

When I come home from school, I rest, help my mother in house work and do my homework. I love listening to stories from my grand-mother and I go to sleep at 9pm. 

When I grow up I want to be a Professor of Science.

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