Restore and Protect
the Stupa of Stability

Renovate 20 year old stupa containing relics of the humble and compassionate Himalayan Shakya Shri yogi, Gegen Khyentse. His blessings activate the unceasing blessings of stability so needed in difficult times. Please note that whilst funds have been raised for this project, due to the pandemic no building has been able to commence. It is anticipated that construction will now commence in mid 2021 When complete it will be consecrated and inaugurated amidst local ceremonies and celebrations.

Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche (1913-1998)

Gegen Khyentse is renowned for humbly and peacefully practicing the heart essence of the Buddha’s teaching, mainly in quiet retreat. He flawlessly held the lineage of Shakya Shri after the paranirvana of Apho Rinpoche, (father of Khandro Rinpoche and Sey Jigme). He abundantly taught the next generation of lineage holders, as well as developed the current generation of lamas of our Shakya Shri lineage. Gegen Khyentse Rinpoche possessed the perfect qualities of a true yogi. He was always humble in whatever he did. He displayed all the teachings in his actions.

Restore and protect the stupa

His memorial stupa at Kardang gompa Lahoul, is activated with limitless blessings for world peace and stabilising the environmental elements so disturbed in this current age. Originally built after Gegen-la’s passing some 20 years ago, the stupa has suffered considerable damage from weather and vegetation growth. It is currently being restored and further protected from the elments with a cover. A community garden will surround the stupa.

This area is a place of prayers and blessings for individual and planetary protection. It is important to restore and protect, not just for the local community whom venerate Gegen-la, but for all of us in this world today. Gegen-la and the Shakya Shri lineage are a continual strength and source of blessing in the most difficult of times.

Meritorious Offerings

Offering, when made with a pure heart, is a uniquely powerful way to generate limitless virtuous karma and to benefit all beings in this suffering world. In this case you will honour a great lineage Master, whose perfect qualities continue to impact us and our planet.

Repairing this stupa will, for ourselves and our loved ones, help those who are deceased, extend lifespans, protect from illness and obstacles, remove hindrances to our dharma practices, and develop a healthy, stable mind.

Even though Khandro Rinpoche and Sey Jigme have both heavily contributed to this stupa project honouring their root teacher, they are extending the opportunity for every one of us to join in the merit and benefit.

Now is the time to generate stability and health for all.

You may wish to forward this to your family and friends. All are welcome to contribute.

Building work in progress

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