Namgyal Dorje


Birthday: 9th March 2002
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2010
Father: Tenzin TashiMother: Tenzin Yangdol
Lives: Aleo P.O. Manali. District: Kullu (Himachaal Pradesh)
School: Manali Public School
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

I wish to be a Doctor and serve my community

Namgyal’s education has been supported by Khachodling for 5 years. He is an excellent student and doing very well in his studies.

My family belong to a remote area of Padar and are great devotees of His Holiness the 9th Shabdrung of Bhutan (Khandro Rinpoche’s late husband). Our village has no road access and we have to walk many hours on foot to go anywhere. My parents have no steady income. My mother works as labourer for $5/day but there is no guarantee of this work. Manali is a very small town, it is very different to the remote area of Padar in the Himalayas. My parents came to Manali to find jobs and sustain our family in the village. 

We live in a rented small space we share with other tenants. It is not stable and we live with the fear of being evicted at anytime. My father does seasonal work with trekking so our income is unknowable – therefore as a family we absolutely value the support that Khachodling provides for my education. My parents always love to come to Drukpa Gompa.

Over the last five years, Namgyal’s family is slowly progressing towards becoming financially more stable and increasing their social status in the community. They feel this progress is due to blessings of Shabdrung Rinpoche and the Khachodling team.

We really appreciate the Sunday dharma and culture class and my parents wish to come and attend this class themselves too! They rejoice in having such a spiritual home for the Himalayan children. Khandro-la’s home is very beautiful and so is her compassionate team.

At regular school I learn English, Maths, Hindi, Social Science and Science. My favourite subject is Science and I love Biology. I wish to be a Doctor and serve my community. After school, I change clothes then eat my dinner and play for an hour. I do my homework, do a little bit of meditation and go to bed around 9pm.

My question for an Australian person:
I would like to know why western people have big houses and cars and are you happy?

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