Karma Phuntsok

Karma Phuntsok

Birthday: 23rd July 2011
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2016
Father: Karam Chand or Dog-Dog (nick name)
Mother: Chhimi Dolma
Lives: Village Hudan Bhatori P.O Killar, Distt. Chambha (H.P.)
School: Boarding School, Manali

Karma is very curious, very funny and has such a good sense of humour.

Karma’s father was a monk in Khandro Rinpoche’s family monastery since he was young and was very good in rituals and studies of dharma. In 2009, he got married and now has two children. He works in the monastery as a care-taker for 90 year old master Emi-la. He is excellent in serving the elderly and making ritual objects. His income is low and he has to support his whole family and children in the nearby village. Therefore he needs support to educate his children.

Khachodling would like this beautiful child Karma Phuntsok to receive the best education, otherwise he will be never have the opportunity to be educated in the village.

Karma’s parents are simple village people who love spirituality and service. Little Karma is such a beautiful and bright kid. His mother has to live in the village to serve the family and take care of their crops in the field. She is good at stitching clothes and has a small income from being a tailor in their village.

This family feels that Sunday dharma school is a blessing for the villagers. It gives them and their family a sense of security and belonging.

Khandro Rinpoche observed that Karma is very curious, very funny and has such a good sense of humour.

Karma and his Mother
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