Karma Choeso

Karma Choeso in 2019
Karma Choeso in 2019

Birthday: 24 April 2004
Commenced with Khachodling: March, 2010
Father: Nawang Dorjee
Mother: Chhering Dolma
Lives: Bada Pathar Village Koshala, P.O Vashist. Distt: Kullu, Manali (H.P)
School: Shashank Model School, Gojra
Himalayan Culture studies at Drukpa Gompa, Manali on Sundays.

Without assistance from Khachodling, my parents could not support my education over the last 5 years

My parents have no steady income. My mother does labour work for $5/day and there is little guarantee of work. Manali is a very small town and we come here from a remote area of Padar in the Himalayas. We live in a rented small space that we share with other families.

My father works with a trekking company and that work is very seasonal. 

Without assistance from Khachodling, my parents could not support my education over the last 5 years.

My parents like to do prayers and help in the gompa. I like to do gardening and help my parents with cooking. I also like drawing and chanting.

For the last five years this family is doing better financially and also feeling more confident in the different lifestyle from their remote village. They have learnt to adjust in a new situation.

They are very grateful to Khachodling for providing them with both spiritual, moral and financial support in a alien world. The family members are learning a lot about the world and way of life in a much faster and chaotic system. They miss their slow and peaceful village life and their family but this is their life now. When their children grow up they hope to return to their village and support their community.Karma’s parents are very grateful and happy that Khandro-la is offering her private house to such poor people. They feel that Sunday dharma class has given them a sense of belonging and connected them to their dharma roots.

The kids are able to learn their own language and values of Buddhist tradition. They are so happy to see their kids learn ancient chanting. Such direct and intimate teachings are not given in ordinary schools. This is very generous of Khachodling family and supporters. They thank everyone from the bottom of their heart.

I love learning my own Buddhist language at Sunday Dharma class and writing scripture.

Science is my favourite subject at school and I learn about digestive system, parts of plants, air, water and climate.

When I am older I wish to be a Doctor and help my remote village.

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