Prem Singh

School: Government Senior Secondary Manali // Class: 11th

Having been supported so kindly himself, Prem feels Sunday dharma class is very important for young kids...

Prem is new to Khachodling and would like to pursue higher studies in New Delhi. He aims to study a Travel Agency and tourism course with a view to being employed by Khachodling or Druk Expeditions in Delhi in the future.

Prem’s father is a farmer in the village and his mother is a house wife. Their family lives below the poverty line and have very little income to provide for seven family members.

They have to work in the field and their yearly income will be $300 a year to support 9 people. Due to this extremely low income, for the last eight years Prem has been in boarding school supported by Sey Jampal’s team. (Khandro Rinpoche’s brother).

Prem is an excellent student and will do well when pursuing further studies. Khachodling would like to assist Prem to become an independent young man who can support his family.

Outside of studies Prem likes to grow vegetables. He is an excellent cook and loves creative writing and poems. He is a good cricket and basketball player.

Prem’s family has not made much progress financially. His younger sister is going to a private school supported by a local man who is a doctor. His younger brother is a monk in Khandro Rinpoche’s family monastery. Prem’s elder brother takes care of his old parents. His eldest sister is married in the village.

Prem stays at Jampal’s home and goes to school daily. His school work is very demanding and he is focussed on obtaining good results. By staying in a stable family he receives spiritual instruction and naturally absorbs Buddhist values and teachings.

Having been supported so kindly himself, Prem feels Sunday dharma class is very important for young kids to receive dharma teaching and community support.

I am Prem and appreciate this opportunity to serve our Rinpoche and to receive everybody’s support for our education. We are from a very poor village and now we can have a meaningful life



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